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Mental health diet.

Maybe you are just avocado away from boosting your mental health I know the statement sounds hilarious, aha. Well, you have probably come across the funny memes about avocado, especially at the beginning of the year. It is generally believed that most people are almost broke at the beginning of the year, especially after unmindfullyContinue reading “Mental health diet.”

Mental health and wellness

7 ways to keep your brain healthy To stay healthy, you need to put some extra effort to keep your mind healthy and energized. Your general mood, thoughts, actions and behavior are determined by the state of your brain. Keeping your brain healthy will enable you to live happily and relate well with others. AContinue reading “Mental health and wellness”

Hello September

September 10th is the official National Suicide Prevention day, which makes the whole of September a suicide prevention month. As a mental health professional and mental health advocate, I must say that am happy to join the larger population in creating awareness on suicide prevention. As we continue creating awareness, let us learn to beContinue reading “Hello September”

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